Posted on September 23 2019


With all the negativity going on in our country at the moment, I thought I would add some inspiration which hopefully trickles through you with hope. 

On the 23rd of August we had the grand opening of our new workshop, built for us by the IDC through a grant that we received. It was just the most incredible day. We could not have asked for more. So much love was poured into our little community. Locals, guests, friends, family, retailers, corporates – everyone rejoiced together. We laughed, we cried, we shared, we ate, we danced.

Makapanstad has never seen anything like it. Martha has never looked prouder. She was joyfully, joyfully happy. And so was I. It finally felt like we had found our tribe. We had a group of corporate's and retailers who were right there by our side. Believing in us and truly wanting to make a heartfelt difference. We had the ladies who felt empowered and proud of what they had achieved. We had the locals, filled with hope for what Heartfelt meant and could mean to their future and we had the small Lesedi kids – who if we all truly worked in unison – would be the difference we wanted to see in our Makapanstad world.

Fingers crossed we are now on the path to true sustainability. We are the case study for social enterpriss in our country and we are still sewing our little hearts out to fill as many hearts as we can with hope. The hard work starts now (block your ears Martha).

Our biggest thank you’s go to Remingo and Mtuza from the IDC, Jo-Anne Hay from Human Nature Consulting, MacRobert Attorneys, SmartHR, BDO, Africa’s Got Game, Chamberlains, Miki Maths, the BBCDI, as well as so many other businesses who were there to show their support and have over the years. Also to all our friends and family who have supported us through the ups and downs for over 13 years (probably the hardest job of all).

Heartfelt has taken us on an incredible journey. 13 years ago Martha and I started it with so much hope in our hearts. It’s been a journey of love, friendship, family, happiness, heartache, passion, business, frustration, determination, compassion, resilience and above all hope. It has opened my heart and my eyes. It has made me proud. It has taught me patience. It has taught me kindness. But above all it has taught me that if you put a group of African women together – anything is truly possible.

Stay hopeful,  
Julie x 

Ps. for some video action of what went down at the opening please follow us on instagram here


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  • Francie Finn: September 24, 2019

    Dumela! How fabulous! I’m so pleased for you all. Jules, you and Martha are an amazing team and are truly inspiring. Sending you all my love. I miss you both!

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