Posted on April 24 2024

You know when you meet someone and there's an instant connection? You feel inspiration and love all at the same time. And you can't explain it - not even to yourself.

Deep down you just have a quiet knowing that this person is going to be part of your life. Not just today, but in the future. Vanessa from Ruby Melon is our special friendship person. She shines from the inside out and from the day we met her has bought sunshine and happiness into our Heartfelt lives.

She has one of the biggest kindest hearts we've ever met. And believe us when we say - we've met some beautiful big hearts over the years. But hers shines though in everything she does. The way she treats her customers and suppliers. The way she runs her business. The way she thinks about others. It's beautiful to be a part of.

We met when she commissioned us to create a few Dingle Dangles for the wire frames she had designed for her baby business. A few turned into quite a few and The Heartfelt Ruby Melon Collection has grown into something we are very proud of. 

So here's the thing. People like Vanessa don't just come into your life on a daily basis. You are lucky if you happen to stumble upon one in a lifetime of meeting new people in business. She is now firmly entrenched in the Heartfelt family - our Ruby Melon Heartfelt Lady and we are blessed to have her. So this is just a little thank you. We have gratitude for this woman for all that she brings to our lives and our business. And we also appreciate the loyal Ruby Melon stockists who order her products (and in return suppport our community). 

And we suggest, if you haven't done it today. . . pick up the phone right now and tell someone that you love - that you love them. There's no time like the present and every great friendship (like ours with Vanessa) is just that - a present. 


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