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Koko. Hello. This is our Heartfelt home.

Pinky House

Welcome to Pinky Place come one, come all

There is a really symbolic reason why we've called our workshop Pinky Place. It all came about when we started renovating the building (which is now our workshop) at the back of Martha’s house. Martha had told us that she had originally wanted it to be her ‘granny flat’ when Emmanuel got married and moved into her house. But because of his tragic death this sadly never happened.

On one of the walls inside the workshop the words ‘Welcome to pinky house come one, come all’ had been painted on it. When we got the local painter to come in and paint over the writing - three layers of white paint later - it could still be seen. After asking Martha what it had been painted on with, she answered saying that she wasn’t sure because Emmanuel had painted it on shortly before he had been put in prison.

It suddenly dawned on us that the writing was there to stay for a reason. Emmanuel had been the reason we had built the workshop in the first place and to have something as symbolic as his writing on the wall was a clear sign that he was part of everything we did at the workshop on a daily basis. We felt it was his way of letting his mother know that he was still around. To comfort her. It's been very special knowing that when we walk into Pinky Place each morning we are greeted with Emmanuel's words. He is the reason we are all here and it's so nice to feel that he is with us.

But most symbolic of all is that the name Emmanuel means ‘God is with us’. Something we feel around us every day. As we come to work. As we create each of our heartfelt designs. In our hearts we feel that God is gracing us with love and a purpose. Heartfelt came into our lives for a special reason and even though Emmanuel sadly lost his life, through this sadness God, in his own way, has given us so much joy. 

Martha at the Heartfelt Gate

Makapanstad - our little rural community in the heart of South Africa

Where is Makapanstad exactly you ask? Well, it's a hard one to explain. Not in Gauteng and not really feeling like it should be part of the North West Province. But definitely in South Africa. Ah, our wonderful land of milk and honey. Our country of great opportunity and prosperity. Madiba, democracy and the reminder of what apartheid left behind. Dirt roads, poor electricity and no running water. It's African in every way. A poor community, poorly educated and rife with issues like unemployment, HIV/AIDS, crime, corruption and poverty. However, somewhere underneath all of this hardship the little community of Makapanstad is united through its people. Truly filled with the African spirit - they are bonded by religion, resilience, compassion, courage and above all family.

Makapanstad Donkeys Delivering Water

Empowering Women &  giving hope to a community

Job Creation + Economic Development
The Heartfelt Project employs women - who work together to create heartfelt products that are uniquely South African. As the project grows the aim is to employ many more women – and to reach out to the community.  Proceeds from each heart go directly to the ladies as well as to help fight TB, HIV & AIDS and other socio-economic problems in the community by donating a portion of each sale to a local charity. To help better the lives of not only the ladies but the community as a whole.

Sustainable Development

At The Heartfelt Project we are continuously working on and developing new products - currently looking at ways to develop a recycled range from materials found in the households of the women and the community.   

Promoting Socially Responsible Tourism and Export
The Heartfelt Project aims to break away from the culture of mass produced curio craft to produce products that are truly unique and individual. We are currently selling to Safari Lodges, a selection of Curio Shops within South Africa, as well as to individuals and retail outlets within the UK.  

Makapanstad + The Heartfelt Community
Makapanstad is a small rural community situated in Moretele, the North West Province of South Africa. The Heartfelt Project operates out of Martha’s home there. Hopefully one day Martha and the ladies will have their own workshop on the property to work from. At present there is still no running water or proper ablution facilities. 

Your Support

Simply by purchasing a heartfelt product you will be helping both the ladies and the people of Makapanstad. The Heartfelt Project offers its support by donating money from each product sold. That means that every time you buy a heartfelt gift for a special someone, you help a special someone too. And you never know - it could be one of the ladies mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, brother, sister or even child that could be helped one day.   

Helping the Community Heal the Nation

Chosen by the heartfelt ladies, A re Aganeng Health Services is a community based non-governmental organization set up to help under privileged & disadvantaged people in the Makapanstad community. It provides accessible health services to TB patients, HIV/AIDS patients, the old aged, orphans, vulnerable children and chronically ill people. As well as providing counselling to traumatized people and rape victims. Established in 2006 by compassionate community members made up of teachers, nurses, home based care, care givers, pastors and paramedics – The heartfelt Project aims to donate to A Re Aganeng on a monthly basis and feels it needs all the love and support it can get. 

All donations are welcome

Equipment & Supplies: If your firm has furniture (e.g. tables and chairs) or other equipment and supplies that you can donate to The heartfelt Project, we will gladly accept it.  Organisational Support & Collaborations: If you are aware of an organization that works on issues of poverty alleviation, economic development and TB or HIV prevention and education – please share our story.

 'Be the change you want to see in the world' 
Hearts with Hope



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