If you would like to help spread a little love around then we'd love to hear from you - your Heartfelt support would mean the absolute world to us.


Here are just a few things we would love to get our hands on - should you fall out of love with them:

We're always looking for felt and sewing materials like buttons, thread, scissors and needles to help make our beautiful products. So if you have anything lying around the house, in an old box, under your granny's bed or in your 'creative' box that you're doing nothing with - then please send it to the Heartfelt ladies. They'll turn it into something lovely and it will help to fill their tummies with something lovely too.

We have a whole village full of hungry tummies and a lack of proper clothing. So if you have any hand-me-downs or food you'd like to donate then please get in touch. You can also post items to: Heartfelt, c/o Martha Letsoalo, P O Box 642, Makapanstad, 0404, North West Province, South Africa. We guarantee that your parcel will be the most appreciated parcel in whole wide world of Makapanstad.

We're constantly on the look out for office equipment to improve our working conditions and those of the community around us like the schools & clinics. So if your business has anything you would like to recycle, then please get in touch. You can email us here.

All our ladies have very little in the way of amenities at home. Neither does A re Aganeng the charity we support. So if you can spare it then we'd love stoves, fridges or beds if possible. Bedding & bed linen - that sort of thing - it would make the biggest difference to so many people’s lives. We've found little old ladies sleeping on hard flooring wrapped in smelly blankets. Please email us here should you have anything going begging.

With our long term goal of building the first Heartland in Makapanstad, there are so many dilapidated houses within the community we'd love to fix. So if you have any building material lying around you'd like to put to good use - then please give us a call.

The children of Makapanstad are eager to learn however their schools aren’t equipped with books, pens, uniforms or other basic materials. If you have anything your kids aren’t able to use and would like them to go to a good home then please get in touch with us. We'd love old textbooks and school bags if they were needing to go to a new home.

Last but certainly not least, we'd really love it if you could make a financial contribution to our project should you have a little left over you felt you wanted to put to good use. We'll tell you where you put every penny and guarantee that it will help to change peoples lives.

Heartfelt Donation Bank details:

For all South African donations:
Account name: Heart Felt Design Construction & Projects
First National Bank
Branch no: 00251345
Account no: 62125491928

For all UK donations
Account Name: The Heartfelt Project
Bank: Natwest
Sort Code: 600423
Account no. 89687248

Because wishes can turn into dreams come true. Ke a leboga!

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