Posted on April 24 2024

Goodbye and hello

It’s been a tough year. I hate saying it, but it is what it is. High highs – with the building and excitement of our new workshop. And low low’s with the murder of our beautiful Priscilla (ona) by her husband. We lost a huge person in our little heartfelt family. A beautiful friend, mother and daughter. She was an anchor to us all and we miss her every day.

Some how we made it to the end of the year – the perseverance of the ladies is an incredible thing to witness. They are survivors. They are strong women of Africa. I salute them. Their courage as women in the community. I honour them as beautiful mothers. I am in awe of their faith. Their love for one another. Their strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other for their children. How they are strong for their men, who are lost in their own manhood as husbands and fathers. This is where our hearts truly need to focus in 2019. We need to pray for our men to heal.  

Martha, at 70 years old, has a strength that only a leader is born with. As her business partner for the last 12 years I am so grateful for all the lessons she has and is still teaching me. I honour the strong woman that she is. Kind. Caring. Loving. Gentle. Thorough. Firm. She is my icon and I am grateful for her love every day.  

As 2018 draws to a close, I leave this year with sadness for what we have lost, but gratitude for all that we have.  

My gratitude is not only for the Heartfelt ladies, but for the beautiful people who have walked the journey with us this year.

Jo-Anne Hay from Human Nature Consulting – for her endless and unwavering love and support. To Remi from the IDC who believed in our dream. To Arthur and his team from Africa's Got Game for building our workshop in our rural community (not easy). To MacRobert Attorneys for all their legal support, supplier support and help. To Jo-Anne Blignault and her team at BDO for spending hours on our tax returns and for being such a strong presence in our business. To SmartHR for your kindness and support. To our beautiful customers, who without you, there would be no Heartfelt.

To our suppliers who go out of their way to support us. To so many friends and family. My beautiful sister Dee, for all the love she poured into helping with our new designs. Brother Dave and the NSE team for being there to lean on when we had an Eskom moment. Charlene, for being my right hand lady, sister, friend and for the beautiful blessing that her new little baby girl has brought to our lives.

All of you fill my heart with so much love and hope. 

As Rumi once said “Your heart knows the way, run in that direction”. So 2019, I am running in your direction with great gusto and positivity for our future. The understanding that when the road is hard – we will find the lesson - and we will appreciate each new blessing, friendship, order and person that you bring into our Heartfelt family.  

Till then, go in Kagiso (peace) and Katlego (joy).

With love always,



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