Posted on April 24 2024

Happiness is a choice
So this will make you laugh. I gave Martha a written warning this week. Which made her laugh so loudly – as it’s her business and of course I was only joking. She got the written warning for so kindly and with the biggest heart, jumping in a taxi in hot pursuit of felt for an order. Now, what you don’t know is that this was a very specific colour felt she was looking for and finding it would be like winning the lottery. 

Needless to say she came back empty handed. But in true Martha style, it didn’t dampen her spirits, she simply told me “Mevroutjie, I wanted to do it as I never want to let our customers down. And I didn’t want to tell you - just in case I found it and then you wouldn’t have had to worry”.

And right there, in one explanation is the very reason why Heartfelt has been going for over 10 years. Because it is run by our CEO Martha. The Chief Eternal Optimist of Heartfelt.

Someone said to me this week that if you do something for over 10 years, then that makes you an expert in your field… well, it certainly makes Martha the person to call when you need advice on how to run a Social Enterprise in a little rural community. I must say, above all she would tell you to put on a happy brave face. Be positive and stop complaining. 

A few other gems would be... choosing hope is always a good choice. To trust your gut (always). Communicate with an open heart. Keep laughing (even through the tears). Have faith in the impossible – it can be done. Stick to what you know best. Everything starts with an idea. Some people might not like your idea (but that’s ok). Keep the faith (God is always by your side). Lost parcels will always turn up. If you give love, you will get it back tenfold. Family always comes first.

Education is the change. Teach people with love. It’s amazing how much you can cut out of one small piece of felt. Be kind. No matter what. You can be kind and strong. And you will have to be very, very strong. Sometimes people just don’t want to be helped. Sometimes all people want to do is help (so let them). Sometimes people say they want to help, but they really don’t (their issue, not yours). Sometimes things are harder than you think. Sometimes things are easier than you think. Sometimes it’s good just not to think. No one can truly understand poverty unless the've lived it. We're in it together so suck it up and stop complaining... 

I guess the reason I am telling you all of this is that over the past 10 years Martha has been my happiness compass. Through her eternal optimism she has steered our Heartfelt ship in hot pursuit of the positive and anchored that positivity in her own happiness (even though she may not always have felt it - that perception was her reality).

So the next time you are having a bad day remember you are the CEO of your life so why not steer yourself forward with positivity and choose happy. After all what’s the worst that can happen right? Other then maybe getting a written warning of course!

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Till next time, go out and make someone happy. 

J x

You will be exactly as happy as you choose to be


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