Posted on September 29 2017

Products with Purpose

Wow, how did we get to next week already? Sew much has happened. We celebrated our heritage on Heritage Day, worked on new rhino designs in collaboration with Ledikana,  stood in awe of the new Zeitz MOCCA Museum of Contempory Art that was unveiled in Cape Town (a first for Africa) and have been so excited to tell you more about our new Christmas Range which we launched exclusively to retailers at SARCDA at the end of August. 

We developed the range with designer Desiree Botterill from The Business Collective. It was a true labour of love and we are so proud of the end result. Each design was carefully considered and made with purpose. Firstly to be sent out into the world to spread either Gratitude, Grace, Kindness, Joy, Glory, Peace, Love or Hope. And secondly, to give back by spreading joy to our little community over the holiday season.

So please take a look at the new range to see which decoration resonates with your heart (and your tree). Then set the intention and spread your purpose to the world.  

On that note, we also asked Martha what makes her tick and what she loves about running Heartfelt. Here’s what she had to share. ‘I love everything about my job. I’ve been sewing all my life and it’s in my blood. I love my ladies and my community – they are my family and everything I do – I do for them. I am not someone to sit doing nothing. I believe that handwork gives someone purpose. What I do will make a difference, no matter how small. It does to my life and I can see how it changes the ladies. They start off all shy and then become a chatterbox. I love hearing them laughing and singing in the workshop. I couldn’t imagine my life without doing Heartfelt’.

So there you have it. Some insight into the heart of one very special African woman. Her heritage is a celebration to our continent. Now go out and in true Martha style, find joy in the journey. 

Till next time, keep happiness in your heart x 


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